About us

Ricky Mehta (RNC, CNP)

Founder/ Nutritionist

Our humble beginnings

I am Ricky Mehta, founder of Ergogenics Nutrition. I have a formal education in the field of nutrition and I'm an avid snowboarder and hiker. I started this company in 2006 with the goal of making a positive change in the sports supplement world, and I believe that I have!

Most sports nutrition products on the market today contain artificial ingredients and fillers that pose a health risk to consumers. It’s surprising that such products are so plentiful on the shelves of some health food stores. They really are the fast food of nutrition: junk supplements masquerading as a “great choice” for vulnerable customers who often don’t have the time to become experts in the field.

Ergogenics was developed to help consumers make smarter choices towards 100% plant based and cruelty free products made with real food ingredients. Free from artificial sweeteners, additives, preservatives, colours, fillers and binders.

We operate our company with the highest degree of integrity and our products contain only carefully selected organic or non-gmo ingredients that we regularly consume ourselves. The goal of our company is to become successful as our clients see success in their own well-being through the regular use of our products.


Ergogenics Plant-Based Nutrition Products are derived from Organically Grown, Nutrient-Dense Foods, and are Freeze-Dried RAW to prevent nutrient loss, resulting in a broad spectrum of nutritional benefits.


Increase your Energy

Our products are nutrient dense and provide the necessary nutrition to keep you fueled for any adventure.

Perform Better

Having the right nutrition, means you’ll have the necessary tool to hon in on your skills to take you to the next level.

Stay Nourished

Our products are packed with Vitamin, Minerals, Antioxidants, Phytonutrients and more to keep you healthy and fit.


Our Goals

  • To help improve performance and health.
  • To increase lean muscle and reduce body fat.
  • To enhance strength and power.
  • To increase energy and endurance.
  • To provide safe and effective products.
  • To nourish and keep the body healthy.

Our Products Contain

  • NO Artificial Flavours.
  • NO Artificial Sweeteners.
  • NO Artificial Colors.
  • NO Artificial Preservatives.
  • NO Gluten, Soy, and Yeast.
  • NO Carrageenan and Gums.

Ready to feed your soul