Plant-Based Recipes

Vegan Black Forest Pancakes


I love easy recipes that always turn out incredibly delicious. You too?

Then you will love this chocolatey, fluffy, sweet vegan pancake stack. Can you believe this is actually SUPER HEALTHY?

True indulgence is often associated with unhealthy high-fat foods such as conventional cream pies. What a joke! You can totally eat healthfully while indulging at the same time!

This Black Forest pancake stack is the ultimate proof. And it’s so easy to make!

To make the batter, I always use the same 3 magical ingredients: buckwheat flour, 1 banana and oat milk. This time I also added some cherries to it.

The toppings are totally up to you. But to create a “black forest” style flavour explosion in your mouth you have to pair cherries with chocolate and cream (coconut yogurt). A miraculous combination!

Let the madness begin!

Step 1 – Mash the banana.

Step 2 – Chop up cherries finely.

Step 3 – Combine the mashed banana with buckwheat flour, cherries, Ergogenics Plant Protein, and sparkling water in a mixing bowl.

Step 4 – Use a ceramic pan or non-stick pan and turn the stove on highest heat (no oil required).

Step 5 – After about 1-2 minutes fill in the batter and form small evenly shaped and sized pancakes.

Step 6 – Switch to medium heat.

Step 7 – Flip pancakes after 2-3 minutes or until golden brown from the other side.

Step 8 – Serve on a plate and top with cherries, chocolate caramel, coconut milk, hazelnut butter and cacao nibs.


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